Charming Disaster is a musical duo based in Brooklyn, NY, that features award-winning songwriters Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris of indie bands Sweet Soubrette and Kotorino. They perform original tragicomic duets and murder ballads about love, death, crime, and the paranormal—exploring in song the various kinds of trouble a couple of people can get into with a ukulele and a guitar.

Originally begun as a co-writing experiment, Charming Disaster soon evolved into a fully realized performing act with theatrical flair, collaborating to create songs with two voices and a single narrative vision. The stories that result involve a variety of offbeat themes and characters like death, crime, the paranormal, circus acts, carnival performers, con artists, sinister secretaries, and ancient mythology.

Charming Disaster has performed at many of New York City's favorite music venues, played in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and toured in New England and the American South. In 2014 their song Ghost Story was featured on the hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale, earning them a worldwide following of devoted fans. Their song “Right Words to Say,” featured in the short film Mary and Louise, was awarded “best closing credits music” by the Garden State Film Festival.

“Ghost Story” is one of eleven tracks on their debut album, Love, Crime & Other Trouble, released in early 2015. The album’s inspirations include the gothic humor of Edward Gorey, the noir storytelling of Raymond Chandler, the stylish aesthetic of French new wave film, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret. Each song creates a new universe for two characters whose narrative plays out against a shifting backdrop of nightclubs, car chases, circus tents, the afterlife, and beyond.

Their recently released album, Cautionary Tales, tells stories of double agents; ensorcelled animals; faerie abduction; occult rituals; séances; spies; Vikings; voodoo; vampires; and the inevitable decay of all things, and is available on BandcampiTunesAmazon and CD Baby

“Absolutely haunting…evokes the feelings of not just a song but an old fashioned radio play.” - If It’s Too Loud

“A truly excellent story of a song.” - The Mary Sue

“Music to die for…these musicians are killing it.” - The Brooklyn Paper

“One of the most twistedly delicious noir albums of recent years…if you aren’t hooked on this by now, there’s no hope for you.” –New York Music Daily (full review here)

“In their murder ballads, they’ve created the perfect balance of fun and frightening storytelling.” –The Ruckus (365 Days of New Music: Best of 2014) 

“Their songs are dark, and quirky; sometimes cleverly amusing, sometimes strange and disturbing, yet always possessed of a pretty sweetness.” –Talking Class Radio (full review here)

“Haunting elegance and a vaudevillean sense of humor…sprinkling in an irresistible dash of darkness.” –Southern Gothic Magazine (full interview here)

Official music videos:

"Sympathetic Magic"


“I Know You Know” 

"Ghost Story"

Live Performance Videos:

"Deep in the High" (at Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Open Stage Variety Show, NYC)

"Showgirl" (at Red Light Cafe, Atlanta, GA)

"Knife Thrower" (CD Release show at the Living Room, Brooklyn, NY)

"Sympathetic Magic" (at Green-Wood Cemetery Chapel, Brooklyn, NY)

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Website: www.charmingdisaster.com

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Videos: http://youtube.com/charmingdisasterband

Facebook: www.facebook.com/charmingdisaster

Twitter: www.twitter.com/charmingdisastr

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