SPELLS + RITUALS is available now on all platforms

The candles are lit, the altar is set, and the bones have been cast. It’s time to summon our new album, SPELLS + RITUALS:
eleven songs imbued with magical properties for your musical divination.

“They don’t just sing foreboding ballads, they’re like Macbeth’s witches’ premonitions.”
— Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover
Charming Disaster balances smart pop songs against a confident stage presence, sort of a swagger, that suggest the two people out front are destined for great things...these people are overflowing with musical ideas that simply defy categorization.
— The Vinyl Anachronist
Enchanting and disturbing . . . Spells + Rituals blends very thoughtful and funny American Gothic imagery with myth-based musical alchemy…there is a great acoustic punk drive to the whole record which matches the potency of the macabre humor. Without the grinning skull inside the loveliness of the tunes, or the dark campy heart inside the weird tales and odes to misery, it wouldn’t all seem so magically in balance.
— Big Takeover Magazine
Charming Disaster has an affinity for monsters, mortality, paranormal activity and unearthly shenanigans. On Spells + Rituals, their most recent album, and in concert, the duo – Ellia Bisker, vocals, ukulele and piano and Jeff Morris, vocals, guitar, and piano – has also been exploring divination, more explicitly the secret knowledge that hides behind the images on a deck of Tarot cards . . . The songs on Spells + Rituals create a dark, compelling mood, sparked by flashes of wry humor . . . The band’s literary lyrics, and melodies that reference music from all over the world, are designed to give listeners an emotionally and musically expansive evening.
— j. poet, Rock and Roll Globe
Hauntingly hypnotic.
— If It's Too Loud
Each song is like a spell or ritual…with a little of the deadpan acoustic punk of Jonathan Richman, as well as the arch theatricality of Amanda Palmer.”
— Eugene Weekly