"Charming Disaster capture Victorian gothic creepiness...there's a bit of Tim Burton gothic whimsy about the video, which finds the duo riding a ferris wheel in their finest goth garb, sticking pins into some bleeding voodoo dolls, and in the most climactic scenes, conjuring the spirits from beyond in a pretty spectacular seance." -Treble

Directed by Charles Schneider

Directed by Charles Schneider, "Snake Bit" takes on a classic tale of darkness, death and desire: the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and their doomed journey through the underworld.

Highlights from our live performances on tour in 2018.

Produced and directed by the legendary Corn Mo.

As heard on Welcome to Night Vale, Charming Disaster's love song about a paranormal paramour.


An original short film that tells the story of two people who can meet only in their dreams. Shot on Super 8 film in Coney Island and the NYC subways.


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We are trying to help you.

We made this video to provide helpful tips for survival in cold weather conditions (blizzard, glacier, ice age, polar expedition, etc.). We hope you find it useful! 

A little PSA we made on paranormal first aid. We hope you'll find it useful in the event of a supernatural injury or malady. 

These simple guidelines can help you live a perfectly normal life in the face of government or other surveillance. 

We made this PSA to help you improve your makeup techniques when you find yourself in certain extenuating circumstances. We hope you find it useful.